The Value Of A Robust Clinical Form Processing System 

The accurate and reliable collection of data is not just an option in today's competitive and highly regulated biomedical research world, it is a requirement.

As the launch of a new therapy can take many years and often cost millions in capital investment, it pays to implement a robust and easy use data collection system.

Remember: No Data - No Trial - No Outcome

As clinical trials must deliver in time and on budget, eClinical repays the initial investment by cutting the cost of clinical trial forms processing significantly whilst the accuracy and reliability of the system also brings peace of mind to Sponsors, Chief Investigators and Trial team members alike.

Furthermore, the time, money and effort saved from carrying out data collection tasks manually can be channelled into more productive areas of the protocol such as working with the participants and associated agencies to ensure the trial remains on course.

Typical Cost Breakdown

eClinical Software

The single user version of eClinical offers a complete clinical forms scanning and processing solution based on the following components:

  • TeleForm Desktop
  • + Mid volume scanner
  • + 1 day on site installation and configuration*
  • + 1 day on site user training and handover*
  • + 1 year technical support & maintenance including version upgrades

= Total Cost: 8,995

What are the optional extras?

  • eStore forms archiving and retrieval system** 2,995
  • High volume scanner 1,995
  • High volume A3 scanner 2,495
  • TeleForm Desktop eForms module** 2,995
  • TeleForm Workgroup multi-user upgrade** 6,950
  • TeleForm Workgroup eForms module** 4,995


* Plus travel expenses

**Plus support & maintenance at 23% of product cost per year.

Pricing for four year licensing (only available on Workgroup), scanner maintenance (up to 4 hour response) and additional licenses for Workgroup systems available on request.

Pricing correct at time of publishing, EO&E.

System requirements