SEWTU implement form processing software to coordinate multi-centre trials from across the UK and beyond

Form processing software helps South East Wales Trials Unit (SEWTU) to capture questionnaires, patient feedback forms and paper CRFs from large, multi-centre trials.

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South East Wales Trials Unit (SEWTU) coordinates multi-centre trials across the UK and beyond.

They aim to improve the quality of trials in health and social care. All trials and studies require careful planning and preparation in ensuring that sufficient and accurate data is collected to allow for detailed analysis of patients, medications, treatments and conditions. Results of trials and studies of this nature help provide a better understanding of health and medicine for all.



Most trials and studies aim to have the largest data sampling possible to ensure the most representative results. Some recruit up to 20,000 or more patients from large geographical areas to provide feedback through paper questionnaires and case record forms.

Historically, quantities are limited by the amount of processing time and resources available to handle the volume of paper, to extract data and to organise it in a suitable manner that allows for thorough analysis.

A system was required that could support the design, distribution, scanning, faxing, data validation and exports to existing clinical trial databases.

Looking further ahead, there will be increased amounts of electronic case report forms (eCRF) and the form processing software needed to offer multiple methods of data collection and distribution.


eClinical was used as the foundation of a data capture system to capture questionnaires, patient feedback forms and paper CRFs.

The nature of clinical trials means that we need highly accurate data to be captured from a large user-base in a timely manner. The TeleForm solution, provided by ePC, has allowed SEWTU to expand its productivity with these objectives in mind.

John Evans, Information Manager, South East Wales Trials Unit (SEWTU)

As part of this implementation, ePC have delivered tailored TeleForm training and consultancy to assist SEWTU in achieving the best results.

In addition, ePC were able to advise and implement fax server software to reduce the physical amounts of paperwork received. Hospitals, patients and GP’s can now fax forms directly into the data capture system removing the need to handle and scan the paper.

Fast and clean data with electronic CRF’s

The optional eForms module was used to great effect allowing entire trials to be conducted with electronic case report forms. Recipients can complete and submit forms using a unique hybrid of both paper and electonic CRF’s.


SEWTU are actively using the form processing software to allow them to scale up the sample sizes and quantities of their clinical trials. eClinical is allowing SEWTU to process large quantities of data faster. The team is now able to focus on the quality of the trials and data analysis rather than the handling of paperwork.

With the automated data extraction coupled with built-in data validation and verification, the data captured is clean and accurate.

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eClinical is a powerful solution that allows for data capture from electronic and paper-based clinical trials.

Built on a solid framework, eClinical is configured to do exactly what you need and is not bloated with extra functionality.

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