Introducing eClinical

The No. 1 data capture system for paper and electronic data collection in clinical trials

Capturing high volumes of patient data from case report forms, patient surveys or questionnaires is a time-consuming and labour-intensive task.

eClinical is a data capture system that combines traditional paper-based surveys with electronic case report forms (eCRF) to enable you to process high volumes of forms with clinical efficiency, without compromising accuracy, reliability or audibility.

Used as part of an FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant system, eClinical is a viable, high-quality and lower cost alternative to the large and complex EDC systems used in clinical trials.

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How it works

As new drug and product development can take many years and cost millions, you cannot underestimate the importance of your form processing and data capture system to ensure everything is done right the first time.

However big or small the trial, it is prone to human error. As many involve a large number of trial patients and investigator sites, you have to be able to rely on your data collection processes. The simplicity of eClinical is such that any member of your clinical trials team with basic IT literacy skills can be trained up to take responsibility for designing data capture forms and system administration.

Walkthrough the steps involved to get better grasp of what it can do for you.


attractive and functional questionnaires, surveys and case report forms with the easy to use CRF designer to meet trial protocol and standard operating procedures (SOP)


patient data whatever the method of delivery (fax, paper, web or eMail) for maximum efficiency


data using OCR, ICR, OMR, barcode, and logo recognition


the data to ensure only accurate results are captured


data to the Trial Master File (TMF), clinical trial management software (CTMS) or related databases and applications for true integration


and retrieve forms securely and conveniently for total accountability

You can read how eClinical meets the guidance outlined in ‘The Guide to Efficient Trial Management’ by The UK Trial Managers’ Network (UKTMN) or view our FAQ section.


Consistent eCRF/CRF design

A WYSIWYG form designer allows you to create, configure and deploy forms (e.g. CRFs, PROs, patient follow-up and questionnaires) with re-usable fields, sections and design elements.

Replicate existing forms to accelerate study build

Either design new paper-based survey forms or capture your existing CRF designs by overlaying data entry fields on top of your current structure.

Efficiently collect information

Capture clinical data from multiple sources (MFPs, scanners, fax, eMail, web and smartphones) in both centralised and distributed capture environments.

Improve accuracy and lower risk

eClinical captures your data with clearly defined and consistent rules with non-compliant data flagged for human verification.

Archiving clinical trials data

Once content is verified, it can be exported into your TMF or eStore for archiving and retrieval. Alternatively, it can be exported to different formats including Excel, CSV, XML, SQL or SPSS.

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

eClinical can be used as part of an FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system to streamline clinical trials processes and remain compliant.

Migrate from paper to electronic data capture (EDC)

eClinical allows paper CRF’s to be exported from the CRF Designer as dynamic PDF or HTML forms for end-users to complete on-screen and submit electronically back to the verification module.

Improve productivity

Allow your trial team to focus on more productive tasks rather than time-consuming document sorting and manual data entry.

Reduce costs

You can save on postage and transportation, scanning bureaus and end your need for expensive storage space.

Time savings

eClinical reduces time spent on study build, medical data entry, and query management, resulting in accelerated data capture.

No lost paperwork with on-site scanning

Case report forms, paper questionnaires and patient surveys are scanned by the site with a digital copy immediately available and stored in records management software.

Reduce implementation time

eClinical accelerates the time needed to build and release a new study, which can have a significant benefit in reducing your time to market.

Reduce data entry errors

Reduce data entry errors by extracting data from scanned documents using OCR, ICR, OMR, and barcode technologies. Only invalid or unrecognisable fields are shown to human operators.

Built on a solid framework

eClinical is not just an off-the-shelf data capture system; it is bespoke and tailored from off-the-shelf components. This means you get a solution that does exactly what you need, is not bloated with extra functionality and you get peace of mind that your mission critical application is built on a solid and well supported framework.

UK data centres

Our data centres are UK-based and fully compliant with UK GDPR.

Case studies

York Teaching Hospital save 165 hours throughout Phase III clinical study by moving from paper to electronic case report forms (eCRF).


Keele CTU saves time by capturing data from paper-based clinical trials with TeleForm.


The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and MenAfriCar are using eClinical to study meningococcal meningitis carriage in households in Africa and document the impact of a new vaccine (PsA-TT) on reducing transmission of serogroup A meningococcal meningitis.

Forms library
  • Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC)

    ALSPAC Parents’ Questionnaire 2020.
  • SPD Development Company

    Laboratory Testing
  • SPD Development Company

    Volunteer history form
  • university-of-plymouth-medical-emergencies-crf

    University of Plymouth

    Validation of Clinical Competency
  • university-of-plymouth-diagnosis-and-treatment-crf

    University of Plymouth

    Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Assessment (DTPA)
  • university-of-plymouth-diagnosis-and-treatment-paper-crf

    University of Plymouth

    Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Assessment (DTPA)
  • western-sussex-hospitals-nhs-trust

    Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust

    Variations in Hospital Mortality Project
  • north-cumbria-university-nhs-hospitals-trusts

    North Cumbria University NHS Hospitals Trust

    Advancing Quality Hip/Knee Replacement Record
  • nhs-wales

    NHS Wales

    All Wales Medication Safety Monitoring
  • kcl


    SentiMAG Multicentre Phase II Trial (Adjuvant Therapy Form)
  • lshtm-use-eclinical-data-capture-system-for-ccf-form

    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine / MenAfricar

    Community Characterization Form (CCF)
  • lshtm-use-eclinical-data-capture-system-for-paper-crf

    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine / MenAfricar

    Fiche de Recensement de la Population – Partie B (PCF-B)
  • lshtm-use-data-capture-system-to-manage-paper-crf

    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine / MenAfricar

    Formulaire de Despistage
    Verified product reviews


    Easy to use

    Overall, this system works really well for us. This is a great way to capture patient data and scan it into a usable database with out manually entering all their answers.

    Our studies can have a lot of forms, and having the ability to scan everything into a database with TeleForms has made everything much more efficient.



    Essential tool for paper forms

    We use TeleForm to collect data for clinical trials.

    It’s a very solid system, allows to create forms that fit our studies while keeping them clear and easy to fill out for participants.


    Teleform/ePC have been the lynchpin of data collection in our home diagnostic clinical trials for many years. As a small team, the software has given us cost-effective and flexible control to manage a diverse range of paper-based trials using a fully-featured form designer with support for downstream verification workflows all the way to export, while ePC have been instrumental in managing and maintaining the service availability with a high standard of professionalism and technical capability

    SPD Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH

    The data capture is much faster and more accurate. More often than not, forms go through without the need to review them. Any issues are usually related to the design of the form or participants not understanding the question or answering it in a way that was not intended. Many users have said the verification process is not only more accurate, it is less of a chore; they actually enjoy verifying now.

    Jo Smith, Database Interface Manager, Keele CTU

    The implementation has been a smooth process. ePC have been really helpful throughout the project. They were able to offer advice when designing / planning the eCRF and help us iron out challenges before they became major issues. Their advice has really helped us focus on what data we needed to collect in order to meet trial objectives and regulatory requirements. I highly recommend them to other CTU’s seeking to implement an eForms system.

    Monica Haritakis, Clinical Trial Manager, York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

    ePC are making a valuable contribution to our aim of running trials in an efficient and cost effective manner.

    Dr. Ingrid Potyka, Senior Clinical Operations Manager, UCL
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    eClinical is a powerful solution that allows for data capture from paper and electronic case report forms.

    Built on a solid framework, eClinical is configured to do exactly what you need and is not bloated with extra functionality.

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