Design For Ease Of Completion And Use

The UKTMN advises sponsors and investigators to make data collection forms attractive and as easy as possible to complete.  It is good practice to have a clear identity for the trial and to create a design that clearly states the activity and sponsor branding. eClinical allows you to create your own forms that meet GCP guidelines.

You can start with a blank screen and draw the form using the drag-and-drop text and graphic tools, adding fields and labels as you go. If you prefer, you can scan in an existing form and overlay the structure on top to allow the system to capture your existing designs as well as new forms.

Many of your data requirements also need to be configured at this stage.  Settings for numeric or date ranges, mandatory fields and double keying can all be defined on a per field basis allowing for truly robust results.

How you configure this early stage will provide the basis of your information gathering and be the key to outcomes, so take the time to get it right. ePC can offer extensive experience to help you at this and any other stage, depending on the level of support you require.

Typical form components:


Constrained print fields

Constrained Print FieldeClinical reads handwriting most effectively when it is laid out in a constrained print field, with one character per box.

Capture zones

Capture ZoneFor quickly capturing more complex files such as "Other Comments:" by either predictive typing, coding or manual entry.

Bar codes

Bar CodeMany industry standard bar codes can be read from scanned images including two dimensional bar codes such as PDF417.

Choice fields

Choice FieldSet up simple tick boxes or multiple option tick boxes in a variety of styles.

Image zones

Image ZoneCapture images, diagrams or data from multi-line machine print labels.

Signature zones

Signature FieldVerify if a form has been signed or not.

Please click on the links below to see example forms.

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