Archive And Retrieve For Total Accountability  

eClinical Archival

Filing essential documents in a clear and timely manner greatly assists the Chief Investigator or Trial Manager in the successful management of the trial. It also assists in auditing and can help the MHRA in inspecting a trial.  eClinical can be used to create a system that meets the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11.

At this stage of the process you are ready to store and retrieve not only the data but also the original image of the clinical trial form for your records. If anyone queries submitted forms you will always have instant answers.

A copy of the extracted data is used to form an index database for the optional eStore - a browser-based electronic document storage and retrieval system.

This allows you to perform searches using definable criteria on all of the forms you have scanned to images.

You can narrow down your search query to ensure precise results or leave the search broad to return many records. It is as secure and convenient as you would wish.

The eStore image archive can also be integrated with other applications so that clinical trial forms can be retrieved seamlessly from within your existing applications.